PIER: ProTrace Inhouse Event Repository

PIER is METRO's in-house traceability solution which provides an internal real-time repository to store articles and trace the information. PIER is connected to GS1 fTRACE and uses standardize mechanisms. PIER provisions and maintains Input/Output article reference information for e.g. minced meat. 

How can Offer Solution Services help you with PIER?

Training / On-boarding

  • On-boarding of suppliers

We offer trainings to suppliers for ITOs (Rotterdam and Concarneau Trading Offices) and for METRO countries so that you will become familiar with the tool PIER and are able to use the application easily. We'll get in contact with you and send you an invitation according to your availability. We do recommend to forward the invitation to colleagues from Quality Assurance and IT departments. 

  • Refreshment trainings

If your trained colleague has left your team or you were trained a long time ago, please contact us to get a refreshment training. 

Data change & Validation

We offer to check and validate your Master Data according to traceability regulations so that your products are entered with the best accuracy into PIER.

For a detailed information on requirements for Master Data please check the following articles:

Please get in touch with us if you struggle with Master Data template or you need our help to fill it in.


If you struggle to access the tool, or you need our assistance to upload your data to PIER Data Entry Website, we are always here to assist you.

  • Please contact us if you have any question about what to do in PIER. 
  • You can also check our Knowledge Base where we are continuously publishing our FAQs and user cases.

E Learning / Tutorials 

We offer a knowledge database online with videos so that you have access to our knowledge even if we are not available 

  • You are also welcomed to visit our Knowledge Database where we always publish the most common user cases or frequently asked questions from our users. 

Check and Control 

We always work on the maintenance of the tool and adding new attributes to comply with traceability. Whenever you think that you miss any attribute to be filled with the information or you can't update traceability data, we will check your request and afterwards assist you by controlling the process of the uploading the data into PIER.

  • Please contact us in such case.

Consultancy / Customer care

If you can't maintain all your articles manually due to high supply volume and frequency of delivery or you need consultancy on topics (i.e. which kind of catching area has to be chosen) - we are always happy to provide you with an extra consultancy and if necessary get in contact with Product Owners or with provider EECC to find out the best solution for you.

  • Please contact us if you need advice around PIER 

User Management

In case you need more than one login to maintain PIER or you have lost your login credentials, we will get in contact with the provider EECC to create a new PIER user for you or to recover your login credentials.

  • Please contact us in such case 


In case you need an access to our test environment to become more familiar with the tool before starting to use it, we will help to provide such an access to you.

  • Please contact us in such case

How to reach us?

Ask for our support by Creating a ticket on our Freshdesk or 

you can always reach us by calling +49 211 969 4747

METRONOM Contacts:

Product Owners:  Oliver Teschl oliver.teschl@metronom.com

                                        Benjamin Maas  benjamin.maas@metronom.com

             Business Partner: Anastasiia Knysh anastasiia.knysh@metronom.com