RAW material is an initial product from which you start to produce the finished product.

For example, Raw material/Product can be Cow Carcass which was slaughtered in order to processed into different parts: Legs, Fore Ribs, Brisket etc. 


Finished Product is the final product which will be delivered to METRO. 

It can be:

- the Whole Carcass of the Cow;


- just a part of it (a leg, a fore rib, a brisket);

- minced meat where i.e. pork and beef have been mixed together.

Please note:

- GLN for Raw material & Finished Product can be same or different;

- GTIN for Raw material & Finished Product has to be always unique;

- GTIN of the Finished product have to be always connected to GTIN of the initial RAW product. In the Master Data template it has to be in the same line with the RAW material GTIN to be able to indicate that Finished product has been taken from RAW material GTIN.

Here is an example regarding Fish products: