From your Local GS1 Provider you will receive a 13 digits code (GTIN13). In order to build your GTIN14 you have to add the first digit and then recalculate the last (check digit). 

Type of weight Digit: In case of having a 13 digits code (GTIN13), you will have to add the first digit according to the type of weight of the product:

  • Fix-weight products will always start with 0.

  • Variable weight products will always start with 9.

Check Digit: Last digit comes from a formula depending on the other 13 values of the GTIN14.
 Can be calculated with
Check digit calculator

Steps to check your GTIN14

1. Add your GTIN13 in the search bar

2. Add 0 or 9 at the beginning of your GTIN13

3. Delete the last digit

4. Click on “Calculate check digit”

5. You will receive your GTIN14