When you know that you start delivery of the New items to METRO, the data for RAW and Finished items like

  • GLN
  • GTIN
  • Company Name
  • Product name
  • Type of the product weight
  • Source Country
  • Production Method (only for Fish)
  • Species (only for Fish)
  • Destination Country

should be provided again in order register them in the PIER system.

The following steps can be done to submit new articles:

1. Fill Master Data Template in once again and send it to pier@sourcingsupport.de.

2. After validation of your new articles, we will add them to your current PIER account and inform you.

3. You can proceed further with providing traceability data for the articles you currently supply and for new articles that have been added.

If you use XML converter, please ensure that LOT numbers are actual and don't contain any brackets or other symbol.

Read more about here about What is a LOT number?

You can download a template for Fish or Meat hereby in the attachments (available in English and Spanish languages).