There are two options to provide Slaughtering information.

a) Slaughtering date

If you know the exact Slaughtering date of the animal from your suppliers you can put information into this field which is mandatory.

b) Slaughtering period

If you are unable to provide Slaughtering date of the animal, instead you can provide Slaughtering period of the animal.

In PIER it works like this:

1. The supplier chooses Slaughtering Period End field (which is an optional field) and inserts the last potential slaughtering date of the animal.

2. Into the Slaughtering date field insert the first potential date of the Slaughtering period.

The Slaughtering period usually takes from 1 to 2 days. In case the period is only 1 day, you don't need to enter the date in the field "Slaughtering Period End".