Intro/ Email invitation 

You have been invited to participate in an auction of Metro AG Corporate Sourcing

To participate in the auction, you will be using the web-based eSourcing software provided by METRO 

You can access an online auction as soon as you receive an email invitation as below


Access and login into eSourcing:

If needed, choose Dynamic cards from Manage Cards for your personalized view

1. Find the auction


1a) You can find and access your projects from SynerSpace

1b + 1c) Or find and access your auction from Auction/Auction list or Favorit apps

Either Click on Menu and select Auction Module – Project list

or go on the homepage on Favorite App and click on Auction

2. Open the Project

Please click on the grey folder with “+” to open the project

3. Accept the Participation Conditions

Before you will be able to access the auction, you must accept the „General conditions (GC)".

  • please ensure you open and download documents (1) In case of more than >1 document, it is mandatory to open and download each document separately
  • Select all Document lines (2) and Tick on ‘I have read the participation conditions‘ (3) and 
  • click on “Accept” (4)

Please read all documents carefully and be aware that once the documents are confirmed, they are legally signed and don’t need to be manually signed. After this confirmation you are able to participate in the auction. In case you disagree with the content of the document, contact the buyer asap

For some Special Cases:

In case several “General conditions (GC)” are all in one zip file, you must accept and download all „General conditions (GC)“ documents at once. Please be aware that once the Zip file are downloaded and confirmed, all documents in the zip file are legally signed at once and don’t need to be manually signed. 

4. ATTENTION: Three different Auction Types 

To make sure in which Auction Type you are invited, please check in the AUCTION in 

General data >Auction Data > Auction Type

Here are the available Auction types 

- English Auction 

- Japanese Auction

- or Dutch Auction

Please find attached our 3 different Supplier Guides (English Auction, Japanese Auction, Dutch Auction)

Feel free to contact our Offer Solution Service team for a short training to get familiar with the system and the Auction type or any kind of technical questions.

Hotline: +49 (211) 969 4747

Mo. – Thu.:   08:00 to 18:00 CET

Fri.:  08:00 to 16:00 CET