Have you been invited to join PIER?

Please follow basic steps in order to enter the data:

1. Enter your user name and password.

2. If you handle raw meat please click on Slaughtering.

3. Please fill Origin, Farm and Meat part details into PIER.

4. Check and submit the entered data by clicking "Submit".


1. If you have more than one GLN you have to choose the respective GLN for the product.

2. Please enter GLN of the farm if you know it. Otherwise select Countries of Birth the meat is coming from.

3. Add number of animals that were slaughtered. 

4. LOT number has to be entered for each raw material and finished product.

5. If you supply raw, unprocessed meat to METRO then you are finished with this part.

Please keep in mind that you have to enter data every time you supply to METRO. Each product needs to have its own unique GTIN and Lot number in order to be able to identify and trace it back.

You can also have a look at a short eLearning session "Meat" on PIER website (Tutorials -> Meat).