• User enters its credentials in the MQuality Login Page. 



  • User sees the dashboard after logging in 


  • User views Requirement Profile and Specification Management related statistics at the top of the Screen 


  • User views the number of RP’s and SP’s present in each Status 

1.Requirement Profile= Open+ Draft+ Final+ cancelled+ Final(Supplier Selected) + Final ( Supplier 

                                        shortlisted) + Final (Supplier Awarded) 
2.Specification Management = Active + Approved + Approved by QA + Collaborative Draft +  

Completed by supplier + Completed by supplier Packaging + Completed by supplier QA + Draft + Open+ Review Collaborative Draft+ Collaborative Draft PKG + Collaborative Draft QA + Superseded+ Cancelled+  Review Collaborative Draft Pkg + Review Collaborative Draft QA + Approved by packaging 

  • User Clicks on the Status and its corresponding number in the row. User is now redirected to view RP or SP screen based on the selection 

  • For Example, let us say user Clicks on Draft Status for Requirement Profile. User is redirected to View Requirement Profile Screen with filter for Status set to Draft. Now the user sees all the RP’s belonging to Draft Status. 





  • User view the today’s date in the Dashboard 


  • User views two tabs on the dashboard “My Task” & “My Team Task” on the dashboard 

  • “My Task” Tab contains task associated/assigned to the user 

  • “My Team Task” Tab contains task associated/assigned to the user’s teammates 



  • For Each task under these two tabs (“My Task” & “My Team Task”) user views below attributes  

  • Request ID 

  • Request Name 

  • eS project# 

  • eS Project Name 

  • Activity 

  • Assigned User 

  • Due Date 

  • Run task/ Action 

  • User has option to search task by multiple means 

  1. Filter Task By: User selects the type of request to view from the dropdown 







  1. Search By & Search Task : User Select from the “Search By” dropdown which type of attribute and fills the corresponding value to search in “Search task” search box 



  1. User has option to search task from the “Search” button also  


  1. A search Dialog Box appears. User can enter value for any of the attributes to search. 



  1. User can reset value of the search Dialog box user “Reset” button 



  • User can arrange the task in Tabs in ascending or descending order 



  • User has two option for each task under “My task” Tab. User views the task by clicking on the Request ID or runs the task by clicking on Run Task play button 


  • User has three option for task under “My Team task”. User views the task by clicking on the Request ID or user assigns the task to himself or some other person in the team 


  • On click of “Assign to Me” the task gets assigned to user and is visible under “My Task” tab 

  • On click of “Re-Assign” a dialog box appears and user the select the new user from list of user 


  • Once the task is assigned to other user it moves to that user’s dashboard under “My Tasks”