After your Login into MQuality you will get following Home screen with all Specifications, which have been assign to you  

unser " My task" you can have 3 different tasks "activities" to change or add please "run the task" (see on the left >:

1. Supplier Details - there we ask you to check your master data and correct assignment article to site has to be done by you  click here 

2. QA Section - here you can change /add details and comments and documents for recipe and raw materials and nutrition 

3. Packaging section

after you did the task - Fill Missing Supplier Details

  • A task is created for Supplier user to update supplier details

  • Please run task to update supplier details.
  • You can view information about its own details such supplier associated with which all RPs, SPs, associated articles etc. as shown with view supplier option
  • You can edit the details of its record 
  • You can see the Supplier details page and can update Supplier name, VAT number, Company registration number, GLN Supplier, Lead Business Unit, Country, City, Address, Email etc  - for details how to do this -click here

How to fill QA Section in Specification ? 

Here your task are as following : 

  • Supplier user logs into MQuality application
  • Here you can see  tasks assigned under My Task tab,
  • choose : Fill QA Section By Supplier and Fill Packaging Section By Supplier



  • Please click under Run task for QA section
  • and you will see below screen

  • Mandatory sections to be filled are highlighted with warning signs on left panel for you to fill data
  • please click on Recipe section to fill details

  • please add raw materials by filling each row 
  • New raw material can be added by clicking on “Add” button
  • You have option to select if the raw material is a “compound” or “ingredient” by selecting from the dropdown

  • Raw material field is a text search field, supplier user can search raw materials by writing the name of the raw material and select from the dropdown list

  • Mention the proportion in the recipe for ingredients and compound
    1. For Ingredient, enter 'Proportion in the recipe %' column
    2. For Sub ingredient, enter value in 'Proportion in compound %' column

  • Once user enters value for sub ingredient in the column 'Proportion in compound %',  then 'Proportion in the recipe %' is automatically calculated as per the formula: Proportion in the recipe % = (Proportion in compound % /100)* Proportion in the recipe %
  • Sub ingredients when added are displayed in a different color for identification
  • On click of validate, system validates the proportions and displays a warning message if sum of proportion in recipe is not equal to 100

  • Supplier fills in all the details for raw materials and clicks on “Validate” button

  • If supplier selects declared, then the raw materials are displayed in the ingredient list in descending order of proportion size
  • If quid is selected, then percentage value is also displayed in brackets
  • Supplier user can customize the text in ingredient list by making it bold, italics or underline
  • Supplier save the information by clicking on save button

  • Supplier user fills in other details the below recipe and raw material tabs: 
    1. Legal Mentioning’s



3.Allergens & Dietary

4.Suitable for






  • Please clicks on Sustainability section on left panel  - NEW !
  • Sustainability section opens up showing first section about the logo applicable or not
  • Certification details section to be filled by supplier mentioning the  certificate details - see validity data and upload 





  • Please click on nutrition section from left panel 

  • According to the Legislation, nutrition template selected and % RI Calculated based on attributes, Declared Nutrition table is auto-populated 
  • Unit attribute value get changed in declared nutrition tab against Per 100 
    1. Eg.1: If unit= g, then declared nutrition per 100 is displayed as 100g
    2. Eg.2: If unit= ml, then declared nutrition per 100 is displayed as 100ml


  • Per 100g, Per Serving(100) and remaining columns to be filled by Supplier
  • Per serving is calculated as: Per Serving = [(Portion Size / Single Unit)*Per 100g]/100
  • % Reference Intake RI Per 100g is calculated as: % Reference Intake RI Per 100g = (Per 100g/Reference Intake)*100

  • You can add additional nutrient by clicking on “Add” button and if nutrient is a sub item then it arranges itself under the main nutrient

  • Supplier has option to delete added nutrients
  • Supplier fills in relevant nutrient details
  • Supplier clicks on Other Labelling Info - NEW !




  • Supplier clicks on Storage section

  • Total Shelf life, remaining shelf life at delivery are auto-populated from RP section

  • Supplier user clicks on Finished Products Standards section - NEW!




    • Supplier clicks on QA Submit button and task is completed for QA section
  • After completing all supplier details, supplier user clicks on checkbox for supplier declaration and QA Submit button is enabled

  • Supplier clicks on QA Submit button and task is completed for QA section

Done ! Thank you !

How to fill Packaging Section ? - please check in other chapter !