Supplier Master Data : Address, Sites, Contacts, Documents and certificates.

  • Here, you can view information about your own details as “Supplier”, related to the respective Requirement Profiles, Specifications, and Articles associated, among others.
  • As a Supplier user, you can click on the “View supplier” button to overview your own record.

View Supplier Record

  • The record shows information such as Sites, Contacts, Documents, Change History, Requirement Profiles and Specifications associated to the supplier
  • Under “Sites” the system shows information about the site name, address, status, number of articles and number of certificates associated to the site 

  • The user can click on the number shown below the “Number of articles”-column to see the list of article details associated to the specific site

  • Clicking on No Of Certificates shows the certificates associated to the supplier site

  • Clicking the tab Documents you can see files as in the screen below


  • Clicking the tab Change History you can see the users who have modified the supplier record


  • Clicking the tab Requirement Profile you can see the list of Requirement Profiles where the supplier was associated


  • Clicking the tab Specification Management you can see the list of Specifications where the supplier was associated

If you want to learn how to edit/update your information, please check the next video.

Thank you !