Have you been invited to join PIER?

Please follow basic steps in order to enter the data:

1. Enter your user name and password.

2. Fields about fruit & vegetable traceability data appear. 

3. Please fill Product and Harvesting details into PIER.

4. Check and submit the entered data by clicking "Submit".


1. If you have more than one GLN you have to choose the respective GLN for the product.

2 Please fill all the mandatory fields which are required by traceability regulations:

  • Supplier GLN
  • Item (GTIN – description)
  • Lot number
  • Quantity
  • Unit of measure
  • Harvest date
  • Country of Origin
  • Farm GLN

Please keep in mind that you have to enter data every time you supply to METRO. Each product needs to have its own unique GTIN and Lot number in order to be able to identify and trace it back.