In this short manual you will find all needed information to start working with the Own Brand Design Manager (OBDM) used by METRO for the packaging of the METRO own brand articles.

At the end of this page you will find a pdf-file to download this manual.

After your user is created by the Offer Solution Services Team you will recieve an email with your login data.

The application Own Brand Design Manager


Link to OBDM:

When you click on the link, the login screen is shown:

(1) Enter the user name (e-mail address) and password and click on "Login".

(2) If you need a new password, please click on "Forgotten password" or need help please contact us:
Hotline: +49 (0) 211 969 4747.

My Work

The home screen of the application is called My Work.

(1) Links to change your settings as password, language, profile, general preferences and the “My Work” page.

(2) Task List

(3) List of artworks to review

My Webcenter

Within My Webcenter you can maintain your stored user information.

(1) My Profile: modifiable details of your account

(2) My Password: change of password (attend to upper and lower case)

(3) My Preferences: change of e.g. language 

Workflow of the layout creation within the Own Brand Design Manager OBDM

You will be involved in these steps:

My Tasks

When you receive an email including a link to the „My Work“-page, you enter the application and click on the task in the tasks list.

(1) My Tasks: Description of your tasks to do

(2) Status:   Task status (in progress, finished)

(3 )Due Date: This task has to be done until a certain date

(4) Started: When was this task started

(5) Project: Project description

(6) Assignee: Supplier role

There are several tasks for you during the processing of a layout project: Upload a die-cut, approve of the layout and at the end check and approve the final print data.

We will start with the upload of a die-cut

Task: upload die-cut (optional)

(1) Click on the task „Upload Die Cut“

After that this screen will be shown: 

(2) Download documents

(3) Upload Die Cut

(4) Enter possible missing Information

(5) Click on "Complete task" to confirm.

My Approvals

On the first page you have the part of My Approvals.

(1) Process when there is an approval to give: 

        • You receive an email including a link to „My Work“-page

        • You enter into the application

        • You click on the loupe symbol in the approvals list.

(2) Link to access the page about the document

(3) You can directly open the viewer to review and annotate the artwork by moving the cursor onto the document and (3a) clicking on the loupe symbol, or you can (3b) check the checkbox before a document and (3c) click on the loupe symbol.

Review Artwork

You will get an email with   a link to this page. Please login.

(1) Click on “open in Acrobat” to open the artwork as a PDF data in Acrobat Reader.

(2) Click on “View and Annotate” or directly on the image to review the artwork and to make annotations with the help of the viewer.

(3) “Download” to download the artwork as a pdf document without annotations.

Reviewing the artwork in HTML5-Viewer

The artwork will be shown in a browser tool named HTML5-Viewer. Here you have several posibilities to view, annotate, compaire, approve or print the packaging layout. 

(1) Navigation Tools (zoom in, zoom out, fit document, pan)

(2) Orientation (Rotate +90 degrees, mirror view)

(3) Measure tools (ruler, color percentages, barcode, braille, caliper)

(4) Comparison Tools

(5) Annotation Tools

(6) Approve or reject the artwork

(7) Print Artwork with annotations

Using Annotation tools in HTML5-Viewer

(1) Click on “Show no annotations”  to have a clear view on the artwork without any annotations.

(2) Click on this icon in order to receive more options for annotating.

(3) Click on the appropriate symbol to do an annotation.

(4) You can also use the measure tools and create an annotation with the measures.

(5) Click on green button Save to save your annotation.

(6) You can also maintain or delete an existing annotation.

Comparing Versions in HTML5-Viewer

(2) On the left of the page you can choose which versions you would like to compare.

(3) To compare the changes you can click on one of the buttons to display the annotation list.

Displaying Annotation List in HTML5-Viewer

(1) The annotation list can be found on the left side of the interface opened with.       

(2) Filter options on specific persons or on specific review states.

(3) By clicking on the annotation the system will show and underline the specific area in the artwork.

(4) Button to zoom into the annotation.

(5) Button to zoom out to show the whole artwork.

Print artwork with annotations in HTML5-Viewer

(1) Click on the print-icon “Print…”.

(2) Select „Annotation overview“ if the annotation should be reported on the first page.

(3) Click on “Print…”

(4) A new Tab opens including the annotations; click on the “Printer” icon to print the artwork.

(5) Choose your printer options.

(6) Click “OK”: The final artwork print version is created.

Approving OR Rejecting in HTML5 VIEWER

Task validate and download Final Print Data

(1) Link to open the task (you don’t get this task if you created the artwork).

(2) Download the final print data and let your print department check the final print data.

(3) Validate the artwork with “yes” or “no” (and add a comment in case of “no”).

(4) Complete your task.

Here you can download the supplier manual as a pdf file: