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Enter: User name and Password

Click on: Log in

If you are logging in for the first time or receive your password via the system, you need to change and personalize your password.

Important!!! When you set up your personalized password please make sure that this will be a strong, complex one that will meet the security requirements.

After entering the password twice, click on save and you will be logged into the system.

In the coming screen you will be able to see the project that you were invited and which is also in status “online”.


When you click on the general conditions button, the system will lead you to the next screen where you can accept and download the document or documents.

Important!!! In this example there is only one document under General Conditions (GC) but there might also be multiple GC documents which mean that you need to download and accept each and every document in this section.

Click on the link to download the document on your PC. A pop-up screen will appear to open and to save the document.

Then click on the tick-boxes and then just click on the accept button.

Attention!!! In case you are invited to an International Metro AG Corporate Project, please be aware that once the GC documents are confirmed by clicking on acceptance button, they are legally accepted and don’t need to be manually signed. In case you are invited to a Metro or Makro Local Project, the buyer should inform you, whether the General Conditions documents need to be signed manually or are also legally accepted via acceptance button.

After this confirmation you are able to participate in the tender or auction. In case you disagree with the content of the document, please contact the buyer.

Information: Once you have access to the project details after the acceptance of the General Conditions, you can also find all the relevant documents from the "Documents" tab.


If you would need further assistance, please feel free to contact: 

Hotline: +49 (211) 969 4747

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Fri.: 08:00 to 16:00