You will find a pdf to download the training material at the end of this article.


To start your work in OBDM open the application link or click on the link you have received by mail.

You will see the following login screen:

(1) Please enter your Login and Password and click on “Log in”.

(2) If you need a new password please click on “Forgot Password” or write an email to 

      or call +49 (0) 211 969 4747.

After you logged in you will see the following home page:


(1) Links to change password, language, profile, general preferences and the “My Work” page.

(2) Task List

When you click on the drop-down arrow at 'My Webcenter' 

you can choose 'My Profile', 'My Password' and 'My Preferences'.

In 'My Profile' you can modify the details of your account like e-mail address, phone number etc. :

In 'My Password' you can change your password:

In 'My Preferences' it is possible to change the e.g. the application language:

In the folder 'My Work' you will see in the section 'My Tasks' your open tasks:

Process when there is a to do: 

• You receive an email including a link to the „My Work“-page,

• You enter into the application

• You click on the task in the tasks list.

(1) My Tasks:        Description of your tasks to do

(2) Status:            Task status (in progress, finished)

(3) Due Date:       This task has to be done until a certain date

(4) Started:           When was this task started

(5) Project:           Project description

(6) Assignee:        Supplier role or Agency role (in case you create the artwork for this article)

When you have to upload the packaging layout, you will receive an e-mail to do the following task:

Upload Packaging Layout:

When you are logged in OBDM, click on the link (1) to open the task.

Then you will have the following view:

(2) Buttons to download needed documents

(3) Click on the button to upload the created packaging layout

(4) Enter a comment to the Design Specialist

(5) Click on the button to complete the task

If there has to be a change to the uploaded packaging layout, you will receive an e-mail to do the following task:

Packaging Layout amendment

When you are logged in OBDM, click on the link (1) to open the task

Then you will have the following view:

(2) Link/Button to the viewer to review the annotations of the artwork

(3) Button to upload the amended artwork

(4) Complete your task

How to review the artwork

When you have clicked on the link for the document page (link, not the loupe), you can:

(1) Click on “open in Acrobat” to open the artwork as a PDF data in Acrobat Reader

(2) Click on “View and Annotate” or directly on the image to review the artwork

(3) “Download” to download the artwork as a pdf document without annotations

When you open the viewer you will find at the top the icons for the tools to work in the viewer.

(1) Text Tools (Select Text, Detect Font, Check Font Size)

(2) Navigation Tools (zoom in, zoom out, fit document, pan)

(3) Orientation (Rotate +90 degrees, mirror view)

(4) Measure tools (ruler, color percentages, barcode, braille, caliper)

(5) Comparison Tools

(6) Annotation Tools

(7) Print Artwork with Annotations

How to use the annotation tools

(1) Click on “Show no annotations”  to have a clear view on the artwork without any annotations

(2) Click on this icon in order to receive more options for annotating

(3) Click on the appropriate symbol to do an annotation:

     - Rectangle

     - Oval

     - Line

     - Arrow

     - Free Hand

     - Highlight

     - New Global Rectangle

     - Change default annotation line colour

     - Reset default annotation line colour

When you use one of the annotation tools (example ruler), you have the option to click on 'Make Annotation' to add your remark:

Click on green button 'Save' to save your annotation:

You can open an existing annotation and click on the three dots to maintain or delete it:

How to compare versions

You can compare the different versions of the artwork in the viewer. The selection of the versions you want to compare done on the left part of the viewer (1). The current version of your artwork is added as default but can be changed. The version you want to compare with has to be chosen by using the drop-down button. It is also possible to compare with an artwork of a former project. To compare the changes you can click on one of the buttons to display the annotation list (2).

To use the comparison tools click on the button 'Compare' at the top bar: You have the following possibilities:

(1) View Current Version

(2) View Reference Version

(3) View Both - Blinking

(4) View Both - Show on Top

(5) View Both - Show Difference

(6) View Both - Side by Side

How to display annotation lists

On the left side of the viewer it is also possible to display the annotation list to review the annotations.

(1) Open annotation list 

(2) Filter options on specific persons or on specific review states

(3) By clicking on the annotation the system will show and underline the specific area in the artwork

(4) Button to zoom into the annotation

How to navigate in the viewer

You can minimize and maximize your view of the artwork with the navigation tools at the top bar.

(1) Zoom

(2) Zoom In

(3) Zoom Out

(4) Fit Document In View

(5) Zoom To 1:1 Pixel

(6) Pan

How to print artwork with annotations

If you want to print the artwork with annotations, you have to open the viewer and click on the print icon at the top right.

In the following dialogue you choose as print type 'Annotation Overview' and the version. Then click on the green button 'Print...'.

You will get a pre-view of the printout. Click on the displayed printer icon.

Then you printer dialogue opens where you choose your settings. Click on 'OK' for your print-out.

Task Generate Final Print Data

The last step you have to do as an agency is to provide the final print data.

(1) Link to open the task

You will have the following view:

(1) Enter “No”

(2) Link to upload the Final Print data

(3) Complete your task

Here you can download the manual as a pdf file: