• What is the difference between NET and GROSS KPI results?    

Gross results are the results before root cause analysis. This performance includes all failures on supplier and Metro side.  

Net results are the results after root cause analysis. Each root cause is connected to the KPI calculations. Any root cause caused by Metro is excused and will increase the net OTIF.

  • How do I get access to the tool?  

Depending on the country you will receive from your Metro counterpart an invitation to register on Metro Link Plus.

          Or you will be redirected to submit an account request by email at scot@sourcingsupport.de 

          in order to gain access via  https://scot.metronom.com/ 

  • Can I register more than one user for SCOT or is it possible to use the same account for parallel working?  

Yes, you can register more than one user for SCOT. Please contact your local Metro counterpart.

  • How up-to-date is the data available in SCOT (e.g. when will new failed order lines be visible)?    All failed order lines are available the planned delivery day + 1 day. In exceptional cases, data is available the planned delivery day + 2 days.

  • (How) can I change an RCA Code for a failed order line that I have already edited?   

If your maintained root cause was not approved yet, filter for the failed order line which you’d like to change and select another root cause.

Note: the RCA Code and its comment can only become changed as long as your Metro counterpart did not approve it yet. 

  • What happens if I edit the failed order lines after the 15th of the following month?   

The month closure for automatic calculation always is done on the 8th of the following month. The month closure for for example August is September 8th. Any root causes maintained for August after September 8th are not considered in August KPIs automatically. If the 8th is a Saturday or a Sunday the month closure date will be shifted to the 10th of the following month.

  • Why do I have to edit order lines that contain non deliveries if I am working with Metro Pickup Logistics (“BLOG” in Germany)?  

Pickup logistics is only responsible for outwardly visible damages. If there are short quantities from a full and intact pallet the supplier usually is responsible.