OBDM is a web-based platform to support via workflows the packaging management creation and approval process. All participants that take part in the packaging layout creation/approval process can be invited and are assigned to a certain role: project leader, agency, supplier, corporate QA, translator, photographer, country QA. All necessary information that is needed by the agency to be able to create a packaging layout draft is collected within the workflow: photo, translation, pack copy/checklist, die cut. In the approval cycle all participants that are asked can place annotations and approve or reject the layout. Upon rejection a new layout version is uploaded and sent into a new approval cycle. As soon as the layout is finally approved the final print data are uploaded.


How can Offer Solution Services help you?


Defect Handling 

If anything goes wrong in OBDM, like system down, technical errors or unexpected behaviour of the application, we will try to reproduce the issue, provide a workaround if existing, contact the provider if necessary so that the issue is solved as soon as possible. The users get a stable environment where they can work better and you are informed about the progress of the issues.

  • Please contact us in such cases


If you need help in handling the application, we will explain the best we can so you are able to use OBDM without struggling.

  • Please contact us if you have any question about what to do in OBDM.

Consultancy / Customer Care 

If you as supplier or translator or agency are not sure which handling would be the best and need consultancy, we will try to give you the best advice we know of. We will communicate with the software provider Esko or with the product owner if necessary so that you are able to use OBDM in the best possible way. 

  • Please contact us if you need advice around OBDM.


Training / Onboarding 

We offer trainings to suppliers, translators or agencies with Webex or MS Teams for newcomers. You can start right away in OBDM.

  •  Please contact us if you need a training.


E Learning / Tutorials 

We offer a knowledge database online with videos so that you have access to our knowledge even if we are not available 

User Management 

If there is a newcomer as supplier, translator or agency, we will create their account. We will also replace the account of an user leaving their company with the data of another person in that company so the projects are still available for the newcomer and the company. 

  • Please contact the packaging specialist of Metro who will request an account.




How to reach us?

Contact ways for our support  


Product Owner:    Agnes Daviau agnes.daviau@metro.digital

             Business Partners:    Simone Suermann simone.suermann@metronom.com

                               Nadine Hintz nadine.hintz@metronom.com