Are you going to use Semi-Automatic upload option to enter your Master Data through XML generator?

There are separate XLS files for Wild fish, Aquaculture, Meat and F&V.

It is important to use different XML converters if your product types are different (i.e. Aquaculture and Wild Wish) to ensure full traceability.

1. You can change the language of the file by clicking on the Language Button.

2. You will need to enter your information* depending on your product type.

Wild Fish

Processing date


Lot Number

Input attributes:

Catching period end

Storage State Code: Previously frozen or not

Unloading port**

Catch Method

Catch Area and Sub-Area

Vessel ID

Vessel name

Processing date;



Catching date;

Best before date;

Storage State Code: Previously frozen or not

Attributes specifying the origin:

Country of origin

Number of Farms

Farm GLN

Slaughtering date

Slaughter GLN 



Attributes specifying the inputs:

Country of birth

Farm ID Type

Farm ID

Farm Address

Cutting date

Best before date

Processing date



Country of origin

Grade code

Size code

Global Gap Number

Analysis type

Harvesting date


*   detailed explanation of the each attribute you can find in the attachment

** choose a port from the list 

3. GLN of the farm.

  • If you know the GLN of your farms you can enter it. 
  • If it is coming from more than one farm, then you can enter more than one farm. 
  • If you don’t know the farm GLN, then you enter zero.

4.  Please click on Green button in order to start XML Generation.

You can find XML Converter Manuals below in the attachments per each product type. 

You can also have a look at our short PIER eLearning tutorial  or on PIER website (Tutorials -> General).